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Modern Architecture Can Be Seen Everywhere

- May 17, 2018 -

In modern architecture, whether it is a magnificent star-rated hotel or a popular residential building, it has been difficult for people to see the wooden “hukou”. Doors and windows of modern buildings mostly use metal hinges. The door hinge of modern production replaces the old “hub”. The ancient invention of "Hushu" remained in some old buildings and some old windows and doors in Guanzhong rural residential buildings.

A close look at the friends of Qinling bronze horses and horses may still recall the hinges and hinges of the joint between the door and the carriage of the second copper carriage, regardless of its shape and structure are completely similar to the hinges of modern building doors and windows. It marks that as early as 2200 years ago, our old ancestors had pioneered the invention and use of hinges, and we also found that the scope of Qin's use of hinges is not limited to bronze horses and horses. In the vicinity of the chariots in Pit No. 2 and Pit No. 1 of the Qin Dynasty, archaeologists found the same impressive bronze hinges.

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