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High Production Efficiency, Suitable For Mass Production

- May 17, 2018 -

Application of nylon gears in work production:

The Hobbing Machine Hobs are manufactured according to the method of roughing, precision machining of straight gears, helical gears, herringbone gears and worm gears, etc. The machining range is wide, and high precision or high productivity can be achieved. The gear shaping cutters for the gear shaping machine process straight teeth according to the development method. , Helical gears and other toothed parts, mainly used for processing multiple gears internal gears; Milling cutters with forming cutters by indexing method, mainly used for processing special tooth gauge gears; Shaved gear with gear shaving cutter Finishing gear An efficient machine tool; Grinding machine grinding wheel, precision machining hardened cylindrical gear or gear cutter tooth surface high-precision machine tool; The rake gear uses the rake wheel to be free meshed with the processed gear to eliminate the hardened gear burr other tooth surface Defective machine tool; The toothed machine uses high-hardness non-cutting edge squeeze wheel to freely mesh with the workpiece to grind tiny unevenness on the tooth surface to improve the accuracy of the machine tool; the gear chamfering machine rounds the ends of the internal and external meshing and sliding gear teeth. Machine tools, production gear transmissions and other gear shifting mechanisms are indispensable for processing equipment. Cylindrical gear processing machine tools also include gear hot rolling mill gear cold rolling mills. The bevel machining machine is mainly used for machining bevel gear teeth such as straight teeth, helical teeth, and extra-cycloid teeth. Straight bevel gear planing machine uses paired planing cutters to produce coarse, finely-finished straight bevel gears according to the method of forming gears. There are also machine tools capable of shaving helical bevel gears, which are the most widely used in small batch production.

      The double-knife disk straight bevel gear milling machine uses two knife-tooth intertwined milling cutters to mill the left and right tooth surfaces of the same tooth slot according to the generative method, which has high production efficiency and is suitable for mass production. Due to the relative movement of the milling cutter head and the workpiece without teeth in the longitudinal direction, the bottom of the milling tooth groove is arc-shaped, and the processing module tooth width is limited. This machine can also be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment to achieve a single machine automation. Straight-pit bevel gear milling machine A large-diameter pull-milling cutter disk is turned and a slot machine is cut out from the solid-wheel blank using a forming method. It is the highest productivity tool for bevel gear cutting machine tools. Due to the complexity of the tools and the high price, each type of workpiece requires a special cutter disk, which is only suitable for mass production. Machines generally have automatic loading and unloading devices. Spiral bevel gear milling machine is a spiral bevel gear milling cutter plate, according to the exhibition method, roughing, finishing spiral bevel gear hypoid gear machine tools, there are guillotine machine, roughing machine gearing machine and other variants. Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine is used to grind hardened spiral bevel gears to improve the accuracy and smoothness of the machine tool. Its structure is similar to that of the spiral bevel gear milling machine, but it replaces the milling cutter disk with grinding wheel and is equipped with grinding wheel dressing. It also grinds hypoid gears.

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