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Focus On Technology Upgrades And Independent Innovation

- May 17, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the plastic hooking industry and the continuous improvement of general-purpose and engineering plastics in terms of strength, the application range of plastic products is also expanding, and the amount of plastic products is also increasing. According to statistics, the production of China's plastic products in 2012 was close to 60 million tons, and it is still growing in the process. This shows that domestic demand has a tremendous impetus for China's plastic mold industry. At present, China's plastics processing industry still maintains steady growth, but the growth rate has fallen by a large margin.

In the structure of domestic plastic processing enterprises, SMEs account for the majority, most of which are based on the production of low-end plastic daily necessities. Many plastic products are of poor quality and poor quality. The same type of products that can be used abroad for 15 years are not available in China. To be eliminated in 5 years, the product lacks temptation and competitiveness.

Although the traditional plastic daily necessities still have a broad market, the continuous increase in the cost of raw materials and employment has led to the disappearance of low-cost advantages of domestic plastic hook-up companies. Qian Guijing, chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that the domestic plastics industry has entered the stage of quality and quality, and companies must focus on technological upgrading and independent innovation.

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