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Metins's pedestasl on rasied access floor and clamps

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Metins-manufacturer of custom metal parts

1. The types of raised access floor

Steel Anti-static Raised Access Floor

OA series steel network Floor

PVC conductive floor

wood core raised access floor


2. Pipe Clamp


Pipe clamps are widely-used in building construction, decorations. HVAC constrcution for channel surporting.


two-screw clamps,

with/without rubber lined;EPDM rubber

Sizes:15-19mm  to 101-106mm

Clamps for ventilation

with/without rubber lined;EPDM rubber

Clamps range: 80mm-1250mm

Heavy Duty Clamps

with/without rubber lined;EPDM rubber

Sizes:15-19mm to 159-169mm

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