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Environmental Standards, No Smell, Avoid Fumigation

- May 17, 2018 -

What are the classifications and characteristics of plastic spools? The following is a brief introduction for everyone:

1. The paper-shaped character wheel: It adopts single-side gray paperboard. At present, the company independently develops two major structures, the whole piece of tinplate core and plastic-wrapped paper reel. The paper tray is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Different contents can be printed on the side panel according to customer requirements. The disadvantage is that it has limited load-bearing capacity and is preferred as a packaging product, but only for one-time use. It is generally believed that the disadvantages of being easily dampened are basically not so influential. Usually, cartons are added outside the packaging tray, and the cartons do not affect the internal packaging without any damage. Plastic spool

2、Wooden I-segment: Multi-layer plywood is used to make both sides of the side board, according to the use and requirements of different grades of kraft paper wick, waterproof and large bearing capacity, the maximum load of 3 tons of the die, the metal supporting combination to ensure the product as a whole The inside is consistent. In the thickness of the wood, there are corresponding requirements, according to different product weight with different thickness of wood. In recent years, the application of wooden reels has become more and more extensive. For some foreign customers, the preference for original ecological wood packaging products is much greater than that of plastic products. The company currently uses multi-layer plywood to meet the export environmental standards, no odor, and no fumigation. The specifications are more flexible than plastic discs, and can be produced in any size. The price is quite superior to the steel quality bobbin. If we must sum up one of the shortcomings, that is, the production efficiency is not high. All are on-demand production, no inventory, slightly longer production cycle. Plastic spool

3, steel caster: the use of reinforced thick plate welding molding, machine dynamic balance inspection, high strength, high degree of steel, high-speed operation and release line stability is good. The disadvantage is that after prolonged use, the anti-rust cost is high, and the galvanized product cannot avoid the influence of time and wet weather on the product, and is not easy to repair when deformed or damaged. Plastic spool

4、Plastic I-round: plastic plastic cable tray special engineering plastics injection molding, advanced product structure, high precision, side panels reinforced, with good balance performance, acid corrosion resistance, high strength, balance accuracy up to 6.3 the above. The overall structure is plastic, metal supporting combination to ensure the shaft hole requirements and conductive properties, product parts can be replaced, easy maintenance, generally according to customer equipment requirements, can do different strength accuracy of the word wheel, the disadvantage is that the retractable line meter As a result, the flange (disk) may be deformed due to its large capacity.

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