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Easy To Use, Safe, Strong, And Anti-vibration

- May 17, 2018 -

The lock is used to fasten two items. The buckle generally refers to a button-type fastener installed on the door and window for locking the door and the window, and is generally composed of a movable part and a fixed part, and the closing and opening of the door and the window is achieved through the combination and separation of the movable part and the fixed part.

The new generation of nanowire locks is easy to install, easy to use, safe, strong, vibration-proof, and strong enough to be repeatedly turned off and used numerous times. There are many types of locks and their use is also extensive.

1. Improve the sturdiness of the joints and truly realize the overall movement of the floor.

2, cement strength increased. After the floor is used for a period of time, due to thermal expansion and contraction, the seams of the floor will become larger, and the cured glue in the joints will crack, so that once the moisture enters the interior of the floor, the edges of the floor will be warped. This accounts for more than 50% of the causes of the floor damage. The lock design deliberately leaves a glue chamber for the glue to flow and solidify in the floor, which can accurately lock the floor in the design position, reducing the possibility of large joints and raised edges, improving the aesthetic appearance and service life of the floor.

3, more convenient to take care of. In a dry climate in Europe, there is no glue to install flooring. In China, because the weather is not only humid, but also the family has a habit of using wet cloths to mop the floor, it has become a necessary measure to protect the floor.

4, repeated disassembly and reuse. Lock the floor, easy to install, a "shoot" that fits seamlessly. When it is installed, it can be used without glue and it can be used multiple times. It can also apply a small amount of glue to protect the floor from moisture and connection. When disassembling, you can also remove the 30-degree angle on one side of the floor and you can remove it, which is especially suitable for environmentally-friendly DIY trendy people.

5, super moisture, dust

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