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Posted in the appropriate local, used to hang some small things

- May 17, 2018 -

Plastic hooks are certainly one of the greatest inventions in the world. Stick them to the right place to hang some small things. In addition to the most basic functions, plastic hooks have other magical uses. The following are 11 particularly good ways discovered by netizens. It really puts the function of plastic hooks to the extreme!

1 Hang in the car: Arrange a hook on the side of the driver's seat, hang the bag on it, and never forget it on the driver.

2 Noodle cartons: Two plastic hooks in the bathroom, the toilet paper box does not cut two holes, it is very convenient to arrange a paper towel after going up.

3 Wardrobe: The old wardrobe can't be closed without closing, always revealing a seam. Stick two plastic hooks on both ends and set a rubber band on it

4 Hanging Key: Stick a plastic hook near the entrance, put the key on the door after entering the door, and will not be found again when you go out.

5 toothbrush holder: tilt sticky plastic hooks, put the toothbrush, clean and convenient.

6 Mobile Phone Charging Seat: If there are no desks around the outlet, you can stick two plastic hooks on the wall. When charging, put the mobile phone on top and it won't trip on the line.

7 Tablet PC Holder: 3 plastic hooks on the headboard to create a solid “screen stand” that no longer has to hold on to a tablet computer.

8 bathroom storage: stick in the bathroom to hang towels, bath towels, and plastic baskets in collaboration, many personal items can be placed inside.

9 lid: Stick a few plastic hooks on the inner side of the derailment, put the lid on the lid, saving space and not messy

10 Trash cans: The plastic bags in the trash can always slide down. Just around the sticky plastic hooks, just fix it.

11 cling film, aluminum foil: stick two plastic hooks on the wall, fixed plastic wrap, aluminum foil, with the time you know, very convenient.

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