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Peer-to-peer model to maintain customer relationships

- May 17, 2018 -

Commercial vehicle parts and components companies are industries with a high degree of segmentation, and most of them are emerging individual companies. For these small and medium-sized enterprises, the financial pressure for the initial investment has been great, and the profit after the production is not high, so it is relatively difficult for them to increase investment in research and development. Moreover, the prices of auto parts and raw materials continue to rise in a certain period of time, and companies need to pay a large part of their funds in terms of raw materials.

The single marketing is due to the limited segmentation of commercial vehicle parts and components companies, which determines that they can only maintain customer relationships through a peer-to-peer model. The financial issues also determine that it is difficult for parts and components companies to invest heavily in technology research and development. The nationwide repeated construction has left spare parts companies deeply immersed in the price competition, resulting in serious capital wastage. A complete cake is divided and fragmented, making it difficult to produce large-scale production, which in turn makes it impossible for them to earn profit, and it is difficult to make large investments in subsequent research and development.

However, despite the many problems faced by commercial vehicle parts and components companies, most companies still survive, and the key lies in the demand for vehicle manufacturers. After all, the company's production is less technical spare parts, labor costs and manufacturing costs, the requirements for liquidity assets are still relatively small.

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