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Ensure that the mechanical properties of the data remain unchanged

- May 17, 2018 -

U-bolts, horse-riding bolts, horse-riding bolts English name for the U-bolt, is a non-standard parts, the shape is U-shaped so it is also known as U-bolt, two threads can be combined with the nut, mainly used to fix the tube such as water pipes A sheet-like object such as a leaf spring of a car is called a horse-riding bolt because it fixes an object in the same manner as a person rides on a horse.

As one of the most commonly used fasteners, U-bolts are required to be protected and maintained for a long period of time due to their importance. One of the most important methods for protection and maintenance is to prevent oxidation of U-bolts. That is what we call rust prevention. One of the most effective ways is to galvanize. Galvanizing refers to the appearance processing skills of plating a layer of zinc on the surface of metals, alloys, or other materials to provide beautiful and rust-proof effects. The main method chosen is hot-dip galvanizing.

    The national standard for hot-dip galvanizing is GB/T 13912-2002 "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Hot Dip Galvanizing of Metal Clad Steel Parts." The future metal for galvanization should be lubricated with no zinc, burr, and silver. White; Thickness is controllable, select within 5 - 107μm; select no hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, can guarantee the mechanical properties of data unchanged; can replace some of the hot dip galvanizing process; galvanized metal resistance in the future Corrosive, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours. Galvanizing has a wide range of uses, such as nails, nails, fasteners, various hardware fittings, scaffolding fasteners, and the like.

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